Sculpture vs photography

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Recently we went to see the exhibition “Mapplethorpe – Rodin” featuring the works of two artists. Body, movement, detail are some of the common subjects for both. I found more life and passion in Rodin’s sculptures than in Mapplethorpe’s photographs. … Continue reading

Henri Cartier-Bresson: geometry in photography

Henri Cartier-Bresson said that the beauty of a photo is in its geometry, beeing a master of composition himself his works are excellent examples of it. The exhibition in Centre Pompidou is a retrospective that comprises more than 500 photographs, … Continue reading

Expressive gesture

Pointing is one of our main ways of communication for the moment. I hope it will change when he starts speaking because he has already been told off by a little girl who he carelessly pointed at. “This is rude! … Continue reading

Cartier: works and admirers

The exhibition “Cartier: le style et l’histoire” which takes place in Grand Palais displays an important number of works by “la grande maison de joaillerie”. It was almost impossible to see everything well because of the crowd, but I managed … Continue reading

About Goudemalion

Recently Michael has taken me to an exhibition “Goudemalion” at Les Arts Décoratifs that impressed and inspired me a lot.  It is dedicated to the works by Jean Paul Goude, a brilliant French artist. Having seen this retrospective of 40 … Continue reading