A breath of fresh air

My first acquaintance with the Alps was quite short but very relaxing. We went to  Annecy (you can see some photos in my previous post), a town in Haute-Savoie, because we heard it was a great place to visit. Its main attractions are the lake and the mountains. We planned our holiday in advance hoping that May would be a hot month and we would get a chance to go for a swim in a clear blue water, but the weather had other plans for us. On the day when we arrived it was only 10 degrees, it was raining, the cold wind was blowing trying to steal our umbrella but the view of the lake surrounded by the mountains was magnificent. Luckily the following days it was sunny so we took a boat trip and walked along the lake admiring the picturesque scenery.

Annecy ville et lac-37Annecy ville et lac-27Annecy-51 Annecy ville et lac-38 friends Annecy-74Annecy signe


4 thoughts on “A breath of fresh air

  1. Very special that you were able to capture a photo of the swan! Nicely done. Thank you again for such lovely posted photos!

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