Chania: mistake or chance?

Χανιά (Greek) or Chania is a town in the north west of Crete that we had a chance to visit because of my mistake. When we were chosing a destination for a holiday we decided to go to Crete as we had been there before and we liked it a lot. The hotel was 15 min away by bus from the airport the beach was perfect, so we thought it could be a good place to go with a baby (he is often sick in cars and buses). But of course when you’re looking for something specific in discounted holiday packages (flight+hotel+transfer) you have a slight chance to find the exact thing you want. So I spent several days looking for a good place to go and finally found a nice looking hotel next to the beach and in the discription it was written 26km from international airport of Canée (which I didn’t pay attention to, because most of times they give Heraklion as a reference), so I booked it. On the day of our arrival I was sure we were going to spend 15-20 min on the bus from the airport and we ended up staying 3 hours, because the hotel was 145km! away from Heraklion where the majority of planes land and take off on Crete (of course it doesn’t exclude the fact that it was only 26km from La Canée)…

When we arrived the sky was grey and the sea stormy with big waves and sandy beach turned out to be covered in pebbles (not at all what we saw in the pictures on the website) so we were ready to “enjoy” our holiday. The next day the sky cleared up a little but it was still cold to go for a swim so we decided to visit Chania. We took a walk in the old town and the harbour which are beautiful places with a lot of character and vivid colors. We had some nice local food and from then on really enjoyed the rest of our holidays. But for my mistake we would have never visited this town and it would’ve been such a pity:-)

Hania-5Hania-23 Hania-4Hania-20Hania-31 Hania-32Hania-39 chatHania-11


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