Like hedgehogs in the fog

That’s how Sète welcomed us at the beginning of September. The air was chilly, we couldn’t see much because of the fog so we quickly abandoned the idea of sunbathing (even though we were hoping to get some sun in the SOUTH of France) and decided to take a walk by the seashore. We had a long and pleasant walk. I found that the veil of the fog was an interesting background for photos which created an atmosphere of evanescence, uncertainty and fragility.

On our way back we were thinking how it would be nice to sit by the fire, have a nice hot meal (probably accompanied by a nice drink) going through beautiful images of the sea under the blanket of fog in our heads.

Sète-3 Sète-5 Sète-6 Sète-7 Sète-10 Sète-11


2 thoughts on “Like hedgehogs in the fog

  1. I love the feeling I had when I glanced at these photos of yours Masha. And then the one with the dogs appeared! Oh how Angus’s Janine would enjoy that scene, being the dog lover she is! Once again, thanks for sharing! Keep up the wonderful work 🙂

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