In the royal countryside

It was a beautiful hot summer day. We came to see Othoniel’s new creation, fountain sculptures, in the gardens of Versailles but we were too early the works hadn’t been finished yet. So we went to our favourite place in Versailles “Hameau de la reine “(Queen’s Hamlet) which was created thanks to Marie-Antoinette. Peaceful place in the middle of nature with a small farm, rustic houses and a lake which has nothing to do with cold and pompous castle.

Versailles-3 Versailles-9 Versailles-10 Versailles-14Versailles-13Versailles-21 Versailles-29Versailles-30 Versailles-36


2 thoughts on “In the royal countryside

  1. Glad to be online and seeing more of our posts Masha. These images of Versailles fill me with a longing to return to France to do some walkabouts. Beautiful skies, and such clarity was captured in your reflection photo! Nicely done, and again I thank you for the pleasure I have when viewing your photos.

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