Zoo de Beauval

Beauval is one of the most important zoos in Europe with more than 4600 animals and 400 different species, also classified among 15 most beautiful zoos in the world. Its vast territory and the variety of scenes invite you to spend a wonderful day out watching the animals and discovering the wildlife. The day of our visit there were few people (which is apparently quite rare) so we could enjoy it without waiting in line or pushing our way through crowd. We spent the whole day walking around but still we didn’t see everything. I would love to go back one day!

The first post is mostly to give you a general idea of the park area with some of its ihabitants, of course) To be continued…

zoo-1viewbeauval-9beauval-13beauval-7 beauval-17 beauval-26 beauval-27 zoo-3 zoo-22zoo-20


4 thoughts on “Zoo de Beauval

  1. You and Micha are showing Gabriel so many places and things at such a tender age! It will be very interesting to see what path he follows as he matures and makes his mark on the world. Great job of parenting Masha and Micha! Can hardly wait to see the close ups…I do wonder though if they might be scary animals!

    • We are enjoying it too, Geneva)) The French say that “travelling educates/forms the youth”, he seems to like it and we hope he’ll find it helpful later)

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