Spring fields

These pictures were taken at the very beginning of April in the South of France, on one of the days when it was not raining and the sun was generously sharing its warm rays. What a bliss after several days of rain and cold wind! Thanks to this last sunny day and beautiful scenery with a mix of green, blue, white and yellow we cherish warm memories of our trip:-)

farm landscape fleurs des champs harmonie verte lace maison dans les champs spring field


2 thoughts on “Spring fields

  1. Hello Mash!
    How nice to check your blog and see such wonderful images of open blue skies, beautiful flowers, a warm French (?) countryside and even familiar looking people in some of your photos. Did I see our David in one? My tulips have finally come into full bloom, so I treat myself to cutting a fresh bouquet every few days! Nothing quite like fresh flowers to give our home that feel of spring.
    Give a big hello to your Micha and Gaby from me and have a wonderful weekend! Geneva in Nanton, Alberta

    • Hello Geneva,
      I’m glad that you find photos you like in my posts and thank you for stopping by regularly)) These are the photos of the French countryside, in spring colors are particularly attractive and fresh-looking! Would love to see your tulips (one of my favorite flowers) and feel the smell of Canadian spring) Enjoy your weekend too and say hello to Bob from the three of us:-*
      PS. Dave is present in one of the photos in my recent posts, it’s true;-)

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