Marché de Lectoure

Going to a market is one of my weaknesses. We go to a market almost every week to buy some fresh vegetables and fruit, for me it is one the best ways to start the weekend. It was my grandmother who gave me a habit of eating fresh home-made food because she was a great cook and she had her own garden where she planted, grew and picked up her vegetables according to a season. Now you can have tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs etc all year round but they are often tasteless.

When we travel I like visiting local markets, look at food (sometimes try it too) see people who sell their groceries and those who come to fill their weekly basket or “caddie”. In Lectoure it was on a Friday morning that the main street (which is usually quiet and almost empty at this time of the year) was transformed into a busy and lively market: various food stalls with different kinds of delicacies: cheese, seafood, dairy products, meat, sausages, vegetables from local farmers and of course flowers))) What a nice way to spend your morning, isn’t it?

vendredi matinmarché de Lectoure-3marché de Lectoure-1 marché de Lectoure-2 marché de Lectoure-4 marché de Lectoure-5 marché de Lectoure-6


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