Recently I’ve discovered Robert Adams’ black and white photography thanks to my husband who took me to an exhibition in Jeu de paume. I found his landscapes beautiful with their soft shades of grey and full of light. So when we went to the South of France I tried to take some too, here is a series that I quite like (in color though).

Why pilgrims?  A famous Russian poet, Mikhail Lermontov, in one of his poems calls clouds “eternal pilgrims” and in each photo there is at least one. Also Lectoure, the town we stayed in is on the route to Santiago de Compostela where pilgrims stop to have a rest before another day of walking across the country overlooking the changing landscape, just like those clouds…

land and sky-2clouds and soilland and sky-3nuage sur le chemin


3 thoughts on “Pilgrims

  1. You’ve shown some tremendous photos here Masha. I hope you continue shooting and writing these exposes,as your efforts are always so wonderful to see! Such blue skies! Ah- so beautiful. Merci pour la treat this morning!

    • I’m flattered to hear it from a mother of two professional photographers (I love Maggie’s photos of food too by the way). I enjoy taking photos and choosing some to post (sometimes it’s not so easy because there are so many…) Glad you appreciate what I write too)) And thank you so much for commenting, cause I don’t receive a lot of feedback:-*

      • Took me a long time to post a note to you Masha-guess I’m self conscious, but I enjoy your posts so very much! They are,I am pleased to tell you,a treat which I allow myself to take time and enjoy. I really should bring my camera out more often and commence shooting. Looking at your photos again recently has inspired me to get at it again.Thank you!

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