Easter still life

This year we didn’t celebrate Easter as we usually do, with Easter cakes (so called “kulichi”) and painted eggs. When I was a child I remember boiling eggs with onion skins (they get a beautiful brown color) and cooking many kulichi with my grandmother and then give them to our friends and neighbours (we would receive some in return too) We would end up having loads of eggs and cakes enough to last for almost a week after Easter! Good old days…

But today we had a carrot cake, boiled eggs dressed in prêt-à-porter, chocolate and some nice photos;-)

tulips, cake and eggs easter composition easter bunny


2 thoughts on “Easter still life

  1. Such lovely compositions in your photos Masha, and I do love the tulips! I’m waiting for many in our yard to bloom still! It’s been a cold wintry spring for us in Nanton,with a few too many snow falls slowing down its arrival. Did you paint the eggs in the photos? They are so colourful! Nice 🙂

    • Thank you, Geneva) I love tulips too, we bought these ones in our Saturday market they looked so fresh and festive and I think they go well with the treats. I didn’t paint the eggs because I didn’t have the special paint, these are ready made Russian decorations for eggs that I bought 2 years ago when we were in Moscow. For next Easter I will look for paint and cook some “kulichi” to have a “real” feast;-)

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