Boys and toys


V&A Museum of childhood in East London has a great collection of childhood-related objects dating from 1600 up to present day. We went there on our last day in London, I thought Gaby might enjoy it more than sitting in his pram and watching quickly changing urban landscape, while his parents run around the city trying to see as much as possible) He did enjoy it, as well as two other boys. Our friend Guy, whom you can see on the photos, also known as The English Guy (which is quite true) kindly hosted us and walked numerous kilometres discovering London with us.

V&A museum of childhood that's interesting cubestoys for boysbatmanlocomotivein the traffic


2 thoughts on “Boys and toys

  1. Been meaning to go to this place for years. A while back I stumbled across the extraordinary fact that the iron-framed building originally stood on Brompton Road and housed the collection that would later become the V&A and Science Museums. It was taken apart, transported to east London and reassembled!

    • That’s interesting, thanks for sharing this information! I haven’t been to the 2 museums you’ve mentioned yet but I’d love to go next time we are in London. Iron-framed structure looks great, you should see it))

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