Expressive gesture

Pointing is one of our main ways of communication for the moment. I hope it will change when he starts speaking because he has already been told off by a little girl who he carelessly pointed at. “This is rude! I don’t like you doing that” the girl said. Gaby looked taken aback by her reaction and for the moment I thought that he realised how bad it was and started reconsidering his behaviour. But serious and puzzled expression on his face disappeared quite quickly and some minutes after he was pointing at something else))

pixarMomaI want this oneMisha and Gaby in the V&A museum of childhoodcanal st martin


6 thoughts on “Expressive gesture

  1. Hello Masha! My goodness you are capturing so many wonderful Gaby/Micha moments in your photographs! And then sharing them with all readers of your blog! I’ll be sure to stop by for my regular reading treat, much more often! Thank you for brining such beautiful pieces into my days here in Alberta!

    • Hello Geneva! Thank you for stopping by at my blog and I’m very glad you like the photos)) I do enjoy taking pictures of my two models and it will never be enough for me)

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