Comme à la campagne

Spring is in the air, especially on a sunny day like this. Last Sunday we went to Jardin des plantes to enjoy the sun and while we were there we really felt like in a countryside. A nice feeling of peace and quiet in the heart of the city…

a la campagne bruyere cherry blossoms duet hay silver leaveslittle family


8 thoughts on “Comme à la campagne

  1. This is a re-read! I’m stuck in your blog-again! My gosh Masha-spring is so much earlier where you are in France! We’re still giving snow a home in our back yard! your 2nd last photo here reminds me of plants a dear aunt of mine grew in her Vancouver, B.C. yard. She called them silver dollars. I wonder-do you know the French name for this plant?

    • Dave told me that it’s still snowy in Alberta, hope the spring will take its place pretty soon and I would love to see the tulips from your garden! I don’t now the french name but next time we go there I’ll look for it for you))

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