Colors of East London

I started learning English many years ago but I still remember the text “Tour of London” in our Happy English textbooks. In the text you are a tourist on a double decker bus and a guide talks about the main sights: Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, Picadilly Circus etc. Since then it has been my dream to visit this city and see it with my proper eyes. Last week my dream finally came true (thanks to my beloved husband :-*) We spent very intensive three days walking around but I have an impression, which is quite true, that we saw so little and there’s so much more to see left. Let’s say it was a promising beginning  and I loved every minute of it!

Colors of East London is the first among a series of posts about London. I hope you’ll enjoy my photo tour as much as I did 😀

Brick Lane by the shoreditch high street east Londoncolors of London rainbow at the end of the lane


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