Gaby’s first long distance journey

Last summer we went to see my family in Kostanay (the town in the north of Kazakhstan where I grew up) and on our way we stopped in Moscow to see friends and family and to show Gaby the city where his parents met)) Before leaving I was anxious about travelling with a 6 months old baby, but finally everything went well. He was pretty relaxed and seemed to enjoy the experience. The French say: “Les voyages forment la jeunesse” which can be translated as “travel shapes youth” or “travel broadens the mind”, and I hope this trip was the beginning of  Gaby’s adventure…

Moscow Kz2013-1 Moscow Kz2013-2 Moscow Kz2013-3 Moscow Kz2013-4 Moscow Kz2013-5 Moscow Kz2013-6Rainbow Moscow Kz2013-11 Moscow Kz2013-12 Moscow Kz2013-13Shashlyk mmm...My grandmother's housesummer colorsKrasnoselskaya Ulitsa


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