Traditional Florence

A traditional walk along the Arno river Florentine art of ceramics – old and cherished tradition Caffè e dolci – delicious tradition Renaissance tradition in architecture Duomo – symbol of religious tradition Elegance – aesthetic tradition akin to women and … Continue reading

Cartier: works and admirers

The exhibition “Cartier: le style et l’histoire” which takes place in Grand Palais displays an important number of works by “la grande maison de joaillerie”. It was almost impossible to see everything well because of the crowd, but I managed … Continue reading

And what do you see?

Have you ever played the game when you look at a cloud and say what it looks like to you? I have and many times)) I remember seeing animals, objects and sometimes even scenes, but I have never seen a face… I ran into this cloud while I was taking a walk along Bd Saint Germain. I was struck by its shape and I was lucky to have my camera with me! So what do I see?  A man’s profile with a hand (even the fingers are well defined) not far from his chin, as though he’s thinking or is about to say something. And what do you see?

un visage de profil

Gaby’s first long distance journey

Last summer we went to see my family in Kostanay (the town in the north of Kazakhstan where I grew up) and on our way we stopped in Moscow to see friends and family and to show Gaby the city … Continue reading