Why don’t we go to a market?

Almost every weekend I go to a market to buy some fresh food: fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese depending on my needs and the offer. When I was a child I spent summers with my grandmother who had a garden and was an excellent cook, I remember the taste of freshly picked tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and many other tasty things. That’s why I hate ready-made or frozen to oblivion dishes, that you can find in huge quantity and surprising variety in supermarkets. Eating fresh, simple and healthy food is easy. One can say that it’s more expensive and time consuming but it’s not true. Cooking at home rarely takes me more than 30 minutes and the results are always more than satisfying.

There are dozens of markets in Paris, each district has its own ones. I find it very pleasant to take my time choosing good products, talking to people who work at the market and watching the customers buying their weekly provision, flowers, fresh bread and exchanging their thoughts on the latest political news (French love talking about politics;-) People like having a drink in the nearest cafe just after getting everything they need and enjoy the weather if it is good, which is not always the case). For me it’s a nice way to spend my Saturday or Sunday morning, followed by a delicious home-made lunch 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why don’t we go to a market?

  1. Masha, reading this post and seeing your photos made me feel as though I spent the morning with you. I hope one day soon, we’ll be able to go to a Parisian market together.

    • Thank you Maggie! I would love to do it, we have some very nice markets here you should come! I’m sorry I didn’t answer to you before, it was because I didn’t check my blog while I was pregnant and almost a year after giving birth I was too busy with my new role. Now that I am back to blogging I’ll be more reactive answering, if one day you feel like commenting again))

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