Sur les quais de Seine

The Seine is one of the symbols of Paris and together with its quay they have been the inspiration of many photographers. Bridges, birds, bateaux-mouches, couples kissing on the benches, people dancing and just walking along the river bank… there is an interesting subject for everyone. I found mine while strolling on a cold sunny day. My attention was drawn to the trees that were marked all over with different messages, names and dates. I thought that they must have known several generations that had left their traces and they are accepting them gracefully to transmit to the new ones to come. The tree on the second picture impressed me by its shape, it didn’t look bare like the other ones. I like the way its shadow looks like a branch and also I’m quite happy with the leading lines in this shot. The last photo makes me think about old Paris, the one you see on the postcards. I wanted to get the young man with his dog and I guess I was on the right spot, because now I have 2 bridges, houses, Eiffel Tower and even ducks 😉


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