What about a Vespa?

I learned about the existence of Vespa during our trip to Italy. It’s an Italian  brand of scooters that got its name “wasp” (vespa) both for its body shape and the high-pitched noise of the engine. In “Roman Holiday”, one of my favourite films, Audrey Hupburn with Gregory Peck go for a tour around Rome on a Vespa!

The first photo was taken in Rome, while going for a stroll  in Trastevere. This red scooter attracted my attention straight away and I had no doubt that it was a Vespa. And only a few days ago looking carefully through my photos, to choose the ones to post on my blog, I noticed that it was written “Star” at the front and on the side of the vehicle. I was very disappointed at first, but then I took my camera and went to look for the “real” one in Paris and I found plenty) They are all so different and each one has its own charm, I bet just like their owners;-)


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