Roman wolf

Dauntless adventurer, who has been to 4 parts of the world, ardent fan of AS Roma, talented musician and singer, well known by his songs about BKC-ih schools. Currently works as a teacher of Italian in Moscow. And more importantly he’s our friend))


A stranger in Paris

Recently I’ve seen several swans in the Seine and they are far away from beeing the average birds that live in Paris, like pigeons,  sparrows or gulls.  Every time I wanted to take a picture of them and I never had a chance either I was in a hurry or I didn’t have my camera. But this week I finally seized this opportunity, on the way to my husband’s work. The swan looked lost and sad and it definitely was hungry.  As I was carrying my husband’s lunch I had a bun and I gave it to the swan, in return it let me take some photos. When I arrived at work I told my husband that he’d just shared his lunch with a swan. He didn’t mind;-)